Reverend Lisa Carson
Nondenominational weddings, memorials and inspirational talks


Lisa did a wonderful job officiating our wedding. We were originally going to have a friend officiate but at the last minute we decided to hire a professional. She was incredibly flexible and accommodating considering the circumstance and as soon as we met her we knew that she would be perfect. She made us both feel really comfortable and by the end of our first meeting we were laughing together like old friends. The ceremony that she created for our non-denominational wedding was beautiful and was perfectly tailored to our personalities and experience. I would recommend Lisa to anyone.

— Lacey Klopp

"Rev. Lisa is a refreshing sharer of Truth. She employs a variety of techniques which involve her audiences in her topic(s), and is not only an entertaining speaker, but one with a message steeped in Principle. Her delivery is flawless, with professional authority and personal honesty."

— Rev. Ed Rosenback

"I attend many of Lisa's workshops. They are all very engaging and always result in creating a deeper spiritual connection with the universe. Her workshops are full of spiritual truths, both stimulating and entertaining."

— Melissa McManus