Reverend Lisa Carson
Nondenominational weddings, memorials and inspirational talks

Inspirational Talks

Reverend Lisa Carson is available to groups and organizations for inspirational talks and interactive, experiential workshops that are fun, open-hearted and life-changing. Themes are based on real life experiences, offering hope and insight to those going through difficult times or who are looking to enhance their lives and thrive.

A sample of inspirational talks and workshops include:

  • Face the Fear to Embrace the Dream
  • How to Be Fully Alive, While You're Living
  • Immersed in the Light
  • Stepping into Greater Freedom
  • Bringing Forth Inner Strength
  • What's Love Got to Do With It?
  • Wisdom of the Dog
  • Life's an Illusion
  • You are What You Eat, Overcoming Eating Disorders
  • Celebrating Cultures

Spiritual counseling is also available for individuals seeking more personal assistance.

For more detals, availability and pricing, please contact Rev. Lisa.

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