Reverend Lisa Carson
Nondenominational weddings, memorials and inspirational talks


In 1985, Reverend Lisa Carson received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science and Drama, as well as her teaching credential. She went on to study at Religious Science International and became a licensed minister in 2004. She was ordained in 2018 at The Center for Spiritual Living, Chico.

Rev. Lisa has traveled extensively around the world, writing, teaching and interacting with other cultures. She has attended wedding ceremonies and memorial services in multiple countries, which have given her a deeper understanding of how people celebrate and grieve. She has also discovered the universal power of compassion and how there is far more that connects, than divides us as humans.

Rev. Lisa is currently a minister with the Global Outreach Branch of Centers for Spiritual Living. She has embarked on a new journey of travel, teaching and connecting with others. You can follow her on her Youtube Channel, Rev. On The Road. It is about gaining spiritual insights through travel. She also empowers people to travel on their own.

"We are constantly drawing to us that which is for our best and highest good. Sometimes we need to step back and see the entire picture; in order to gather the wisdom from it."

— Rev. Lisa

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